Reporting: the Movie

Populi is stuffed full of built-in reports. Any SIS ought to be—that's part of how the software makes the massive amount of information in your database useful and comprehensible. Customers who've come over from other systems tell us that many of the most basic reports in Populi—say, the Students Table—required lots of elbow grease to get them out of their old software... running this option and that one, then exporting it all and merging it with two other spreadsheets. Yeesh. We want reporting to be a lot simpler than it typically is, because that's how you get at your information and make it work for your school. That's our approach, and we're constantly finding ways to improve on what we've done.

Here's a brief video of the reporting tools in Academics. Analytics gives you the birds-eye view of student, faculty, degree, and retention statistics. The Data Slicer lets you create endlessly customizable reports on your students. And the Preset reports help you complete various IPEDS series and the National Student Clearinghouse report with a click or two.

Reporting from Populi on Vimeo.