Populi welcomes Josiah Frazier

Yet another J on the contact page: Josiah Frazier joined us here at Populi on January 2nd. He's already providing much-needed help to Toby and Patrick with software testing and bugfixes.

It is said of him that there is no software program that he can't flummox. Yea, you might say that software fears him: if there's a way to copy-paste Moby Dick into a first-name field and break the whole site, he'll find it. A mind like that is crucial to keeping Populi in fighting trim: if you can find the problem, you can fix it (even better: finding the problem before the customer does!). Skills aside, Josiah is something of a PR nightmare. He's related by marriage to two other Populi employees, so when they come after us for nepotism, we'll have to say, "Guilty as charged".

Josiah is husband to Afton and father to Naomi, Mira, and Amos. When he's not breaking our software, he's often out in the forested wilds of Idaho doing as one does in said wilds: hunting, fishing, hiking, searching for hot springs.

We're really happy to have Josiah here with us. And if you ever run into a Populi bug, you'll be glad that he's on the case, too.

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