Academics made simple.

It combines Student Information and Online Learning. It automates course registration and grade submission. It gets faculty, staff, and students on the same system. Populi lets you do more with your Academic info—and makes it easier to use than ever.

Student records

Find everything you need to know about any student, all in one place. Profiles give you complete access to your students’ degrees, courses, grades—plus admissions info, transfer credits, files, correspondence, roommates... and anything else—historical, current, and even future.


Populi makes course registration easy. Students get self-service online registration which automatically tracks prerequisites and waiting lists. Registrars can enroll students on their profiles or using the course roster. And enrollment info automatically hits your billing, reporting, and statistics.


Online learning is baked into every Populi course, so you can serve your students wherever they are. And grading’s a breeze: when faculty submit grades, Populi updates your records in real-time—from student GPA’s and transcripts to term stats and reporting.

One-click degree audits

Create degrees with majors, minors, and unique course and credit requirements. Then run instant, online degree audits for any student, any time—complete with "what-if" scenarios and majors and minors. There’s no need for additional software, programming, or waiting periods. It just works.

Integrated with billing

Put the financial office and the registrar on the same page. You set up courses. The bursar sets up tuition and fees. And when students register for courses, Populi automates the billing. Populi shares the right information so everyone can focus on their job.

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