Welcome to our new website!

Not to mention our new blog, too...

We trust you’ll find the redesigned www.populiweb.com to be more informative, usable, and easier on the eyes than our previous website. If you haven't already poked around the site, here's a fast overview:

Populi’s big-picture lives in the About section. “We’re here to solve a problem,” we begin, and then we tell you, well, how Populi solves it. You’ll also find a brief corporate history.

You’ll find a lot of meat in the Tour section, which describes Populi’s approach and features, in addition to screenshots.

Of equal interest, probably, is our Pricing page, in which we tell you exactly what we charge without having us contact you with a sales pitch.

Contact lets you know how to get a hold of us, as a company and individually, and lets you sign up for a demo and/or the newsletter.

And, of course, this here Blog, which you’re reading. The Populi Blog will cover, of course, Populi—software updates, more about our company and people, support, other announcements—as well as software in general, the web in particular, higher education (especially small colleges), and some things of general interest. We intend to update it once or twice a week—and maybe more frequently, as time permits.

Thanks for checking in with us!