An Article That Says A Lot of it For Us

Although this Campus Technology article has somewhat larger institutions in view, it's a pretty good summary of the benefits that web-based software like Populi brings to small colleges. The only thing "off-note" it strikes is the title: "IT on Demand: The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing in Higher Education"—it doesn't really mention the cons (in part because, I would submit, cons are rather hard to come by) so much as it exhorts colleges to "Look at what's most important to your school and how technology will help you reach those goals."

By that metric, we've found that Populi is a great fit for small colleges and the different situations they find themselves in: pursuing accreditation, getting a better grip on their information, expanding their online education presence, reducing infrastructure costs... to say nothing of simply better serving their students, faculty, and staff.