ZCU uses Populi to connect a global network of schools

We occasionally like to share snapshots of how Populi is easing the workload for our customers. We recently spoke with Daniel Humphreys at Zion Christian University in Clearwater, Florida, who uses Populi to share information across an international network of ZCU-affiliated colleges.

It started with ZCU's Global Network program which connects the University with Bible schools, missionaries, and churches that wish to use ZCU's curriculum to train their own students. Affiliates have access to counsel, coursework, textbooks, and other resources; further, they offer their students certificates, diplomas, and degrees issued by ZCU.

Well, it's difficult enough to keep track of your own students' degree audits. But put yourself in Daniel's shoes and imagine doing so for students at other institutions around the world! Starting off with a homegrown database, and later moving on to an unwieldy academic software tool, Daniel was stuck manually entering all sorts of academic information for each student—students located in places all around the world. You can imagine the complexity of this very routine task.

Things have gotten a lot simpler since he started using Populi.

Once ZCU's course catalog was migrated into Populi during implementation, Daniel was free to set up all of ZCU's degree requirements up front. With Populi accessible via the web, he simply gave access to designated users at ZCU's various global affiliates. They then entered their own students' information, and Populi handled the rest. As students completed courses and earned degree credit, Populi kept track of it all—with no effort on Daniel's part—on each student's Degree Audit. Now Daniel—not to mention the students and their advisors—can see any student's completed courses, what remains to be taken, and how close each student is to earning their degree, all with one click.

The Degree Audit has saved Daniel a ton of time, which is what Populi is all about.

If you'd like to share ways that you are using Populi, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

For more information about ZCU's Global Network, check out their website.