We couldn't have said it better ourselves

Here's an article from Infoworld that outlines the top 5 reasons "Why businesses still hate enterprise software". What are they? According to the Infoworld survey: High cost of ownership, difficult upgrades, poor cross-functional processes, unmet business requirements, and inflexibility. The article's links are worth following... if only to see what a nightmare giant, jargon-choked ERP software deployments can be.

This article brings to our minds 37signals' advice to software providers that want to do things differently—have an enemy. If we have an enemy here at Populi, it's the academic version of the bloated ERP so castigated in the survey. Massive and labor-intensive—and way too expensive for small colleges—it gives us our raison d'etre. As we see it, our job is to keep our customers happy so you'll have better things to say about us than the Infoworld respondents did about their ERP's.