New Features: the Activity Feed and the Bulletin Board

We have some brand-new new contact relationship tools and social networking feeds. They're designed to help keep the people at your college connected to what’s going on—at your school and with each other.

The features center around the Profile. The Activity Feed shows a stream of Notes, Emails, Printed Letters, Uploaded Files, and Completed To-Dos from Staff and Faculty. As people interact with this person, you’ll see updates in the person’s History, as well as upcoming To-Dos and Communications. The Activity Feed is designed so your staff can see what’s happened with any person in Populi, as well as what’s going to happen.

The Bulletin Board is a social networking tool, sorta like Twitter. You can follow other people in Populi, and they can follow you. Post a bulletin or a comment and it appears on your followers’ bulletin boards; meanwhile, bulletins from people you’re following show up on your own.

And the Home page now features the Feed, which shows you bulletins from people you’re following as well as Populi News. Populi News is now open for comments, and you can even “pin” articles to the top of everyone’s Feed to make sure people see the important stuff.

The social networking features are totally public, so there’s no need to worry about anonymous users abusing the system or harassing people or sending out spam. And even if out-of-line comments are deleted, Staff users can still see them in case they need to look into something. The idea is to keep the conversations polite, focused, and relevant to the life of your college.

These new features just went live, so try them out and see what they can do.