Feature Spotlight: The Student tab

Populi makes your student information more useful. One of the ways it does that is by making it easier to find in the first place. Imagine having to look in three or four places to get what you need for a transcript —and the inevitability of something getting lost, mistaken, or forgotten. Many of our customers used to operate this way, and more than a few of you currently reading this recognize this scenario. Course histories are stored here... Grades are there... GPA's are calculated from this column and that column... It all gets pasted into this template... and so on.

But in Populi, all of this information lives in one place: the Student tab on the Profile. Your students' entire Academic histories are right there, from the big picture—the Transcript and Degree Audit—to the details: courses, degrees, programs, honors, and discipline. Want to see more specifics? Drill down into any of this information just by clicking.

The big picture: Transcript and Degree Audit

The first thing you see is the student's Transcript:

The Transcript is automatically filled in by the student's course history, honors, discipline, program, and degree information. GPA's, attempted and earned units, grades, and quality points plug themselves right in. The student's programs organize their courses, keeping different courses of study discrete and accurate. To accommodate special situations, you can manually override how courses are mapped to different programs. Students can download an unofficial copy of their transcript at any time, and you can export an official transcript using the built-in template or a custom transcript template.

One tab over you have the Degree Audit, an advising tool that matches the student's academic history to your degree requirements—GPA, resident units, cumulative units, and course groups:

If a course appears in more than one course group, it's automatically applied where it's needed most—or you can manually override Populi's selection just by checking a box. Run what-if scenarios by selecting other degrees, catalog years, and specializations from the drop-downs. Add exceptions to accommodate students with special situations. And if you like paper, you can export a PDF of the whole audit.

The details: Student Info, Courses, Programs, Degrees, Honors, Discipline

The left column of the Student tab shows you the details. It begins with Student Information—Student ID, Advisors, and so on, together with any custom student fields you've filled in.


Next is Courses: see and link to the student's courses from any academic term, starting with their current, in-progress courses. You can also register the student from here (which lets you get around pre-requisites if need be).


Programs lists the student's academic programs; Degrees show the students degree(s) and specialization, their status, and catalog year—when it comes time to change any of this, just hover and click "edit".


Honors and Discipline let you record the high points and the blemishes on a student's academic career.


And, of course, all the information managed in the "detail" column feeds right into the "big picture".

All in one, secure place

The Student tab puts all your student information in one place, gives you the tools to drill down into it, and  lets you easily update it whenever necessary. No matter who you are, this is where you'll come to get that info—provided your user roles will let you! Academic Admins and Registrars get to see and modify everything. A student's Advisor can see it all and modify course enrollment, programs, and degrees. And, of course, the student can view his records right from his own profile. Everyone else? Since student data is so sensitive and confidential, no one else gets to see it—the Student tab is totally hidden and inaccessible to them.

The Student tab is one of the best examples of what Populi does: it gives you one place to manage and find just about any bit of information about anyone in your school—especially your students.