New release: SMS Emergency Notifications

We're pleased to release one of our customers' most-requested features: SMS Notifications! 

It's really simple:

First, your users opt-in to receive emergency notifications via SMS in their personal settings. Once they've submitted their verification code, they can now receive SMS messages from you via Populi.

All you need to do is go to the new Emergency Notifications tab in Communications. Compose a message, hit send, and it'll go out to all of your active faculty, staff, students, and advisors who've opted-in (you can also select specific campuses). If any of the recipients haven't opted-in to receive SMS messages, they'll get an email instead.

To help ensure your recipients can continue to get emergency notifications, we lock in their SMS number on their profile so it can't be changed by anyone, not even Staff.

Each of our three Pricing Plans comes with a certain number of SMS messages included for free. Small gets 500, Medium gets 1,000, and Large gets 2,000. If you run over your free allotment, additional SMS are just two cents per SMS recipient.