Cross-course cloning

We're pleased to release cross-course cloning. Academic Admins can now clone items (assignments, tests, files, etc.) from any course to any other course. For the most part, things look much the same... same interface, same red-letter warning message... but now with more cloning power than ever before!

We've been busy...

This is as good a time as any to update you on the other things we've released over the last several months. We have a nimble new development setup that lets us release new features more easily than we used to, so rather than bundling lots of little things into a few big-scale marquee releases throughout the year, we're now able to deploy several new features, one at a time, in a given month.*

Thus, this list of new stuff in Populi—some of which has been in use by our customers for several months now:

  • You can now unapply individual payments and credits from invoices
  • Online application fees are live!
  • Global "retire" status for Programs, together with Inactive/Delete options for individual student programs
  • You can now add and edit Library Loan Policies yourself
  • Gradebook export: you can now export it after a course has been finalized, and it includes basic course information
  • Refunds now only permitted for accounts with non-financial aid unapplied payments and credits (thus eliminating a HUGE headache for some of our customers!)
  • Campus now an option for Fee Rules
  • Emails sent to more than one person with the same email address now appear on all their Activity Feeds
  • You can now generate a payment link to let the billing office run a credit card to pay student invoices—if a student comes into your office wanting to pay by credit card, now you can easily accommodate him
  • "Close Discussions" date on Lessons
  • Financial Aid Batches now have an Email Students button
  • You can now accept applicants who don't have an email address
  • Added course and faculty names to Course Calendar print view
  • Financial Aid applications now let you track auto-zero and FISAP total income data from the ISIR

* None of this, of course, is to imply that we only work on small stuff now—we've got some pretty big things under development right now, which will also benefit from our new development/release setup...