Coming soon to a Populi near you

We're busy prepping and testing the next major Populi release, which will feature a number of things that will improve your Populi experience. Here are a few things we thought you'd like to know about ahead of time...

New login screen

The first thing you'll notice is the new login screen and a new option that lets you check a box to have Populi remember your username. Should make logging in on your own computer that much easier.

New font

You might not notice it on the login screen, but you will once you're logged in: Populi has a new font! The new font is called Proxima Nova, which replaces old, reliable Lucida Grande. In addition to the font change, we re-did text sizes throughout Populi to make everything a little more readable.

...aaaaaaand... Course Evaluations!

Our top feature request is for course evaluations. With our next release, we're finally marking that one, DONE! Course evaluations let you create evaluations for courses and faculty, attach them to any number of courses in any term, allow students to take them anonymously, and then give you comprehensive reporting tools to help you get insight into your courses and instructors.

That's not all...

...but that is all we're gonna tell you about in this preview. We have a few more cool things that we're gonna get out there which should be a big hit with our users.