Release trickle: January 2013 edition

Happy third day of 2013, everybody! Here's a quick update on what we've released over the past few months:

1098-T updates

Just minutes ago, we updated how Populi handles IRS 1098-T forms. Previously, we generated them only for students who met the exact IRS qualifications; we also had a muddle of export options. Here's what we changed:

  • We now generate 1098-T forms for all students enrolled in a given calendar year—by default
  • We give you the option to disable 1098-Ts for individual students on their profile
  • We broke out Release to students from the basic export options
  • Export options have changed: the PDF (IRS, College, and Student Copies) and e-File exports now only include forms that have been released to students; the XLS export includes all students shown on the 1098-T report
  • To make e-Filing easier, Populi can now remember your TCC, EIN, and Financial Aid phone number (via Financial Aid > Settings)

These updates should make 1098-T reporting even less of a miserable quasi-governmental-body-induced headache.

Other stuff

Everyone now has the By Term tab on their Profile's Financial tab—among other things, you can now add room and meal plans to anyone (great for those folks who spend the summer in your dorms).

We added student age to the IPEDS completions report.

For our ABHE customers, there are a few new preset report items for the ABHE annual report.

You can now find students with $0 balances in Billing > Current > Student Balances.

Course assignment descriptions now let you include live URLs. Link away!

A few new custom transcript variables let you show earned units that count towards the student's GPA.

Aaaaand, some back-end speed optimizations on course evaluation reporting.

Soon to come: we're closing some loopholes regarding grade locks for students who haven't yet completed their course evaluations.