Enhanced Library search

Plus other things we've let loose in the past several weeks...

We just released a pretty smart update to Library that includes much-improved search capabilities. The new search...

  • Includes a number of new operators that let you get more specific with your search
  • Accepts "fuzzier" inputs—that is, it's more tolerant of misspellings; typing "Shakspeer" will now net you that copy of Hamlet you've been looking for...
  • Lets you search for exact matches for title, author, and subject

3-8-13 Library search

You can also now import and export MARC records right within Populi! Browse Resources and Resource Batches let you export MaRC records of your resources, and Add Resources gives you the option of importing a MaRC file to create new resources.

And in case you missed it, about a month ago we also released spine and barcode labels for library resources. Read about them in the Knowledge Base.

A minor refinement of user roles

The Bookstore and Library Staff roles are no longer tied to the Staff role.

When we initially created these user roles, we tied them to Staff so they would be able to access certain personal details for Bookstore customers and Library Patrons. But this arrangement proved a little too liberal—for instance, many Library Staff are student workers for whom Staff access isn't exactly appropriate. So, we de-coupled those roles from the Staff role. If you believe this change may affect your Library and Bookstore users, please see this article.


The Data Slicer now lets you:

  • Add communication plans en masse
  • Retrieve advisor information for students
  • Add any tag as a data column
  • Retrive anticipated completion dates for students' degrees

The Enrollment XLS  report now lets you include additional columns.

Speaking of additional columns, we added several Prospect info fields to the "export helper"—you can now include them as additional columns when you export, say, the Students Table.

We added some new print options to course evaluation reports.

You can now print transcripts in bulk from the Academic Term > Students Table tab; there's also a new getTranscript call in the API.

There's a new specialization type for degrees: Concentration.

We now warn you about ungraded assignments when you're finalizing a course:

3-4-13 Finalize warning

And pop-up notifications now stay onscreen for ten seconds (up from three).

3-14-13 new growl

All this, together with numerous bugfixes, performance tweaks, and minor interface items.