"Include unfinalized courses" toggle on the students table

Now available on the Students table: the "Include unfinalized courses" toggle. When checked, it factors in-progress grades from your students' unfinalized courses into the Term GPA, Cumulative Units, and Cumulative GPA columns. When unchecked, it backs unfinalized information out of those columns, giving you the same figures formerly available only on individual transcripts.

9-25-13 No show unfinalized

9-25-13 Show unfinalized

Over the years we've tuned the Students Table to show as much real-time information as we could—thus, Cumulative GPA factored in student performance in unfinalized courses. But some users informed us that they also need the Table to give them snapshots of where the students were starting from in a given term... so that unfinalized info was getting in their way.

Thus, the toggle. Now you can get two perspectives on all your current students with a single click.