Campus Life

Campus Life lets staff and student workers add selected fees, manage room and board assignments, and track non-academic violations and consequences (things like parking tickets or student code violations) for anyone at your school. The new features, reports, and workflows help you take care of lots of lower-level tasks so your high-level staff can concentrate on the big picture. Here's a look at Campus Life:

Room & board

Campus Life users can manage room plans and housing assignments for anyone at your school—everyone from students to visiting professors staying in college residences. The Rooms report gives you a complete look at the housing situation, and the new room management page lets you add occupants and keep notes. Room and meal plans can be managed on the new Profile > Campus Life tab (which syncs this info with the same items on Profile > Financial > By Term). As part of the release, we've also given facilities a new home in Campus Life > Settings.

Campus Life fees

You can now select certain fees that Campus Life users can apply to students and others at your school. Those fees can be triggered by infractions or added as-needed. Each Campus Life report also includes an Apply Fee action so you can charge students in bulk. Fees are then invoiced as normal by a financial user.

Violations & Consequences

Violations and consequences let you record a student or other person's non-academic infractions. Did a freshman start a ramen fire because she left the saucepan on a hotplate? Drop a room damage fee on her! Has that new assistant coach parked his junky '85 Datsun in the president's spot again? Ding him with a parking ticket! Did that exchange student flout the dress code and dress in cutoff jeans and sleeveless tees all semester long? Time for a visit with the discipline board!

Both violations and consequences can trigger a fee; you can also set up consequences to apply when a student gets a certain number of violations in a given time period. You'll have a full record of the whole thing right on the Profile > Campus Life tab and the new Violations and Consequences reports.

Get to know Campus Life

Check out the Campus Life documentation in the Populi Knowledge Base to get a fuller sense of what it does and how it works.

We're always pleased when we can give our customers something new, and we hope Campus Life helps your school get even more out of Populi!