New in Populi: Groups!

One of our customers' most-requested features, Groups provide a space in Populi for different segments of your school's community—clubs, teams, committees, you name it—to communicate, share files, and schedule events with other members. We've already heard from a few customers about what they're planning to do with the new features:

  • Give alumni a place to keep up with each other (and keep them in the loop for donation campaigns).
  • Provide an organized way for thesis directors to coordinate graduate work with thesis advisors.
  • Give student clubs and teams (the chess club, the drama kids, the rugby ruffians, STEM majors who play with Legos) a way to get off Facebook and have a place in Populi.
  • Help manage special committees and projects—student government, the board of trustees, discipline committee, faculty hiring, and so on.
  • Collect training videos, FAQs, and other resources to onboard new faculty and staff hires.

Whatever's going on in your school's community, you can now give it a spot in Populi with Groups. Here's a quick look:

Where to find them

Everyone can find Groups when they log in: the new Groups view is right on the Populi Home page.


Membership can be open to everyone, open to particular roles, or invitation-only. Each Group is overseen by administrators and moderators. Groups can be public or private, and you can mark them Official if they concern important school business.


Groups include a bulletin board, chat, discussions, and shared calendar and files. They're similar to courses and it'll be simple for your users to get the hang of it. Group admins can control how members participate in each of these functions.

Jump on in

We're really pleased to get Groups out to all of our customers. To learn more about them, have a look at the new Knowledge Base articles and the Groups topic in the User Forum.