Coming soon to Populi: Contacts.


Contacts replaces the Admin section of Populi. It contains everything we used to keep there—People, Organizations, Tags, and so on—and you'll come here to add new people and organizations, manage tags and custom fields, and set up ID card templates.

Of course, we've also added a couple new things (and refined a few others). The new People view lets you see and filter through everyone in your system, including reports for GDPR folks and Deleted People. Actions lets you add and remove tags, manage custom fields, email people, and export them. (Organizations get similar features.)

There's also a new Directory with separate views for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Directory is available to all your users (people without the Staff role will see Directory in place of Contacts); of course, it hides private profiles and contact information from non-Staff users.

We're planning to get Contacts out to you in the next couple weeks. Here's Isaac Grauke and Adam Sentz with a deeper dive into what's coming: