Quick and as painless as possible.

Adopting new software for your college can actually be a pleasant experience. Populi strives for it. Our implementation team actively seeks your feedback and input to make sure your data imports accurately and completely. Data migration is as fully secure as everything else we do. And we begin training your key users so your college is ready to go when the process is completed.

A quick overview

It’s pretty simple: you send us your data via our secure servers, and we fine-tune a custom-built data migrator until you're satisfied with how it works. Meanwhile, you keep using your old system, and on the “go-live” date, we import your most recent data using the fine-tuned migrator. Our staff actively seeks your input, and we help you make sure it all works.

Better data

Our data import process doesn't just put your information in a new tool. It also identifies problems in your data and helps to clean and repair it. The end result is a more usable and accessible dataset that will do more for your college.

Your data is safe

We treat all of our customers’ data securely. We set up secure FTP sites for you to upload your data to our servers. Once it’s in our hands, the only people with access to it are our designated data staff and, of course, you.

Call us for help

Need help with something? We’re available, and it won’t cost you a cent. Submit help requests to Populi Customer Support Staff, or call us Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time.