Feature Spotlight: Roster management

Populi's course Roster tool lets you manage every aspect of your course's enrollment. In one place, you can see every student connected with that course instance—including enrolled, auditing, withdrawn, incomplete, and waitlisted students. It also gives you a quick rundown of key stats for your enrolled students, such as credits, attendance figures, and grades.

5-24-13 Roster

The Roster automatically updates with every registration event tied to that course instance. If your students enroll online, it's instantly reflected here—and you can also use the Roster to register enrolled and auditing students:

6-12-13 Add Enrolled

Once they're enrolled, you can manually adjust any aspect of that enrollment. Change the credits/hours, set up individual students for Pass/Fail, and if you use attendance hours, you can update the automatically-calculated figure here:

6-11-13 Edit Enrolled

If twelve students sign up for a course with ten seats, you'll see the extra two students on the Waiting List. Edit the List to change the order of preference for enrollment:

6-12-13 Waitlist

When your incomplete students have completed their work, you can enter their grades and send them on their way:

6-12-13 Enter Incomplete Grade

You can leave general notes about any of your students; these are available to faculty when entering final grades and preparing course comments:

6-11-13 Roster notes

Plus, there's the usual round of communication and export tools—email all your students, or create a PDF or spreadsheet of the Roster:

6-12-13 Roster Exports

Out of the box, Academic Admins and Registrars can do anything with any course's Roster, while Faculty have more circumscribed permissions. But some of our schools need their faculty to do more, so there's also a setting that enables faculty to enroll students:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 11.56.11 AM

Populi's course Roster gives you one simple and convenient tool to stay on top of all the registration details that are so important to running your school.