More free file storage for everyone!

About this time a year ago, we dropped the price on file storage from $2.50/GB per month to $1/GB per month. In the tradition of doing cool stuff with file storage during the Summer Term, we're pleased to announce that...

...We're upping everyone's free file storage limit.

You might've guessed as much from the title of this post, but it seemed worth repeating. Every Plan is getting its free file storage limit upped. Small goes from 10 free gigs per month to 50, Medium goes from 50 to 100, and Large goes from 100 to 200. This applies to all of our current customers and anyone else who has yet to jump aboard with Populi. Using Populi to store and deliver your video and audio lectures and materials now makes even more sense.

Know what else is cool about this? Our Plan pricing is remaining the same. So, all those extra gigs-per-month really are just plain ol' free.

This change is effective as of immediately. That extra file storage is yours to use right now!