New features for online tests

We just released a bunch of new features for online tests. Here's a look...

Points calculation


The new Points Calculation feature gives you three options to determine how the test's points will be distributed among its questions:

  • Fixed points: You manually distribute the points while you design or edit the test.
  • Weight questions equally: As you add questions, the test's points will be evenly distributed among all the questions, automatically.
  • Question points total: The test (and assignment) points will add up whatever points you assign to individual test questions.
Edit all question points at once

If you want to change how many points each question is worth, the new Edit all Question Points function lets you do that for the whole test all at once—no more need to edit each individual question (though you can still do that, too).


Importing tests and questions

The course Test > Questions view now lets you import questions from other courses to which you have faculty or admin access. We also spruced up the Import Test feature—now called Import Test Sections, it lets you import individual questions, headings and text, or even the entire test.


Duplicating questions

When editing an existing question, you can now choose to edit the original question (and change it everywhere) or duplicate the question and edit only the copy.